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It can be a challenge to stay physically fit during the holidays. Between family parties, work parties, and last minute shopping, getting your workouts in may get delayed or completely crossed off your list.

Make the most of this holiday season with these tips and strategies that will make fitness a part of the celebration.

Here some fun tips to help you stay physically active:

  • Set a goal: Would you like to walk a certain number of steps daily? Improve your pull-up count, or learn a new yoga pose? You have plenty of time during the holidays to master a new goal or new technique! 

  • Is the weather outside keeping you indoors? If the weather outside is more frightful than delightful, find a fun workout on TV or YouTube and get moving your body! 

  • Is it snowing outside? Keep the snow blower locked up in the garage and shovel your snow. It’s a great way to get your heart pumping and builds major muscle groups. 

  • Be a kid again! If you enjoy going ice skating, playing in the snow, skiing, snowball fights, or sledding, put on your mittens and head outside for a workout that will feel like fun! 

  • Have a long list for Santa and heading to the mall? Lace up your shoes and power walk between errands or take a few extra laps through the mall before starting your shopping. 

  • Going to a holiday party with a dance floor? Grab a partner and get out there and dance! 

  • Ask Santa for a new workout outfit or new fitness equipment if you aren’t a member of a gym! It may just give you an extra boost to workout during the holiday season. 

  • Most important: Move. Snuggling under warm fuzzy blankets with a cup of hot cocoa sounds relaxing, and that is fine, as long as you’re creating balance with your fitness.

I hope these fun tips help you to stay motivated and fit during the holidays!

Remember: Santa is watching who is naughty and nice. Make the nice (healthy) list.

To your holiday cheer and physical fitness . . .


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