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About Crystal and Skinny Life

Yes, I’m in great shape because I practice what I preach…

And I want to see everyone in great shape, living the healthiest life they can possibly live and enjoying it immensely!

When you look deeper into many “weight loss programs” out there, you’ll find the person behind the curtain isn’t necessarily a shining example of what they’re teaching or representing in their brand. In fact, those representing a couple of the biggest weight loss brands aren’t really walking their talk at all.

I deliberately chose to redefine the word “skinny” for my program because what I teach is the “real skinny” or the bottom line truth on health and fitness.

Growing Up with Mom’s Garden Vegetables and Long Walks to School

Growing up in a family of eleven in a small town in Idaho, I learned at a very young age, the foundations of living, eating, and moving naturally to create a lifetime of optimal health and fitness. Eating organically, working and playing out in the fresh air and sunshine, and being shown the body’s natural ability to heal and bet fit, were a part of my daily rearing.

While other kids were munching on Oreos and drinking sodas, our snacks were fresh well water, fresh fruit and veggies, and stone ground bread and crackers. My friends could sit around and watch TV or hang out all summer. I wasn’t free to run off with friends until I had done my share of planting, weeding, and helping around the house with younger siblings.

At the time I thought I had it so tough. Now, I’m eternally grateful for my mother who voraciously studied natural health and worked so hard to pass that legacy onto me. I realize now that she was way ahead of her time. The principles of health she engrained in me, which have resulted in my living an extraordinarily healthy life, are what inspires me to educate and enlighten as many people as I can, to discover their body’s own ability to have perfect health and fitness.”

Discovering the Link Between Your Thought Programming and Your Health

I learned that the combination of clean eating, the right nutritional supplements, healthy movement and exercise, and positive mental programming gave me the foundation for an unstoppable system of health and fitness that anyone can achieve. I’ve combined these principles of healthy living with my education and expertise in advanced Guided Imagery, Subconscious Reprogramming, and Life Coaching, and Nutritional Supplementation to create a unique system of health transformation in my Skinny Life™ program.

Committing My Life to Help Others Get the “Skinny” (truth on health and fitness)

There are many wonderful nutritional “secrets” I want to share with you. These “secrets” give you such an advantage in creating Health, Youth, and Fitness from the inside out.

I have a burning desire to share these “secrets” and tools with as many people as I can reach. Not only have I helped thousands understand how their own subconscious thought systems are what create havoc in their lives and prevent them from experiencing their greatest health, happiness and success; my system successfully guides people to purge their “Messy Thinking” and bad habits forever to create a life of excellent health, youth, and fitness. …made easier with the Skinny Life.

Skinny Life Coaching TM

Crystal coaches skinny life members…


Entrepreneur and Founder of CrystalVision Ltd and Skinny Life, Crystal is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Member of the International Coaching Federation, and Certified by the Chopra Center of Well-Being as a Meditation Instructor, and a Wellness and Nutrition expert. Through Crystal’s Personal Coaching, Speaking, CD programs, Video’s, Books and Articles, people all over the world have experienced profound and lasting transformation in relationships, career, health & wellness.

Crystal has also co-authored multiple books on transformation and wellness and has recently released her first solo book, “Pure Thoughts for Pure Results—How Messy Thinking can Make or Break Your Life