A Few Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving Weightloss Resolutions in 2015

Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. Calories are EVERYWHERE! The office party, the neighbors house, Christmas parties, New Year’s parties, there is a dessert, appetizer, and special meal everywhere you turn. Those calories add up and if you aren’t careful, you could put on more than a pound or two.

You don’t have to gain weight just because it’s the holidays!

What is the secret weapon to avoiding weight gain during the holidays? You guessed it: portion control.
You can still eat and enjoy the foods you love, but watch the amount you are putting into your mouth.

Here are a few quick tips before heading over to your next party, the neighbors house, or having friends and family over:

  1. Don’t go to a party hungry! Plan ahead. Eat something nutritious and healthy or fill up with water before over-filling your plate!
  2. Spend more time socializing at the party than you are focusing on the food!
  3. Pace yourself. If you see a few items you want, don’t eat them all at the beginning of the party — space it out throughout the party. This will leave you feeling like you aren’t missing anything.
  4. Use the smallest plate available — you will be less tempted to fill it up and go way overboard on your calories.
  5. And last but not least, take a walk. Don’t neglect your physical activity just because it’s a busy time of year. Use some of your hustle and bustle to burn extra calories.

If you have some favorite tips to share on how you avoid gaining weight during the holidays, Skinny Life would LOVE to hear them!

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