Pumpkin Seed Pesto Pasta with Carmelized Delicata Squash Recipe Start Talking Nicely to Your Body

Boost Your Brain Health

Did you know you can boost your brain health with a healthy, nurtitious diet? Foods that help your mind are nuts, beans, berries, grean leafy vegetables, whole grains, olive oile, fish, and poultry.

There are also tips you can use to make eating healthy quick and easy during your busy week when you’re on the go!

Let take a look at some of the things you can be doing to improve your mind health:

  1. Eat lots of leafy greans and wash them thoroughly. Don’t have a lot of time? Buy them pre-washed and pre-chopped for a quick easy dinner.
  2. Cook your whole grains in large batches. Cook quinoa, brown rice, and steel oats all at once. These grains will help create a satisfying meal and are great items to meal prep with.
  3. Pre-portion almonds, walnuts, pumpkins seeds into ziploc bags and take them on rides, keep them in your office desk, or anywhere you spend your time that you may find yourself hungry.
  4. Add berries (fresh or frozen) into ziploc bags for quick easy grabs. You can blend them in smoothies, eat them for breakfast, or on the go.
  5. Replace butter with olive oil when preparing vegetables – you can also use it for homemade vinaigrettes!
  6. Cook poultry in a crock pot / slow cooker, and throw in some of your favorite seasonings. When you’re ready to add it to a meal, chop or shred it for sandwiches, salads, and soups.

Use this as a starting point to changing your habits and eating for a healthier mind!




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