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But I Don’t Like Exercise . . .

It can happen after years of being on the weight loss roller coaster trying this work-out or that regimen, or that insane video that made you want to pass out. Or it could just be that you feel flat out you’re too busy to be bothered. When you say “I don’t like exercising” what you are probably really saying is: “I don’t enjoy the particular type of exercise that comes to mind when I think about working out.”

Here’s a critical Skinny Life lesson that will assist you in living the Skinny Life YOUR way! If you don’t enjoy lifting weights, running miles on end, or Zumba: Don’t do it.

You don’t have to run a 5K to be healthy and you probably have zero plans to do that if you don’t enjoy running.

The Skinny Life philosophy is about finding ways for you to enjoy fitness and make exercise fun!
Exercising reduces stress — and who doesn’t want less stress?…and more fun!
Healthy activities and exercise keep us thinking healthy thoughts and making healthier decisions throughout our day.

So how do you find ways to make fitness fun that doesn’t feel like you’re exercising?

Grab a friend or your spouse and go for a walk. Even a 20-minute brisk walk is enough time to walk a mile.
Instead of joining your co-workers in the cafeteria or break room, grab a few of them and take a quick walk around the parking lot.

Grab your partner or a friend and go swing dancing, line dancing, disco dancing, the tango . . . whatever gets you excited and your heart pumping; do it!

Play Outdoors with Your Children:
You will be surprised how quick your children will wear you out. Play a game of tag with them, swing, make a fun day that they will remember forever — and it won’t feel like exercise!

Not only does it build strength and flexibility, you will learn how to relax (get rid of any anxiety too).  There are so many different kinds of yoga — try a few and see which one is best for you!

Dust off your old tennis racket and hit the court. You will be sweating in no time and will enjoy every minute of it. LOVE.

Stop saying you hate exercise and you don’t have time. Losing weight happens naturally when you get out and MOVE!

Get creative and find things you love to do that keep you ACTIVE.

Have a great Skinny Life Day!



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