2017 Resolutions – Make This Your Healthiest Year! Snoozing — It’s Good for Your Health

Change Your Self Talk – Change Your Life

Did you know it is possible to change your health and life with the words you say both silently and out loud?

A healthy mindset and healthy self-communication can make a huge change in how we behave.

So what are some things you can stop and start saying to yourself?

  • You don’t “earn dessert” (or pizza, or cheeseburgers, or a bag of potato chips). When we use food as a reward system and we tell ourselves we have earned a food we should be limiting or not eating very much of, we are teaching ourselves that food isn’t energy for our bodies. That is all food is — it’s energy and shouldn’t be used for punishment or rewards.
  • Stop telling yourself you will catch up on your sleep. You won’t. Your body needs to have adequate sleep every day, not just on the weekends. If you want your mind and body to work at full capacity you need to give it the rest that it deserves. Besides, getting enough sleep helps your heart, brain, weight, and help to prevent diabetes.
  • Did you set a resolution not to eat a specific food? Maybe you told yourself you won’t eat any french fries or drink soda. You find yourself confronting your favorite food that you promised to steer clear of and find yourself thinking “just this one time.” At this point it’s not about the food at all. You’re going to feel guilty after eating it and lose your confidence. You’re going to tell yourself you can’t stick to anything and start looking at yourself as a failure. So set yourself up for success. Instead of saying you won’t eat a particular food ever again, tell yourself that once a week, or a few times a month you can indulge in your favorite cheat food. Set yourself up to win — it’s healthy for your psyche and your body.
  • You won’t be happier when you lose 25, 50, or 100 pounds. Your happiness shouldn’t be measured by a number on a scale and neither should your self esteem and self worth. Do things NOW that make you feel happy, strong, and energized. Live in the moment . . . now. Yes, you will feel more energetic and more confident when you are healthier — but using weight as a means to live your life and control your happiness — it isn’t fair to who you are right now.
  • Instead of making excuses why you don’t have time to exercise, find ways to move your body. Walk during your lunch break, start doing yoga, life weights, do something — anything — to get your heart rate revved and your body burning calories.
  • You’re not on a diet. Instead, tell yourself you’re making healthier choices. The word diet alone conjures up feelings of deprivation and you don’t need to deprive yourself. You just need to make small, healthier, choices.

If you have some ideas you would like to share with us, feel free to comment below and share with our readers!


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