When you’re choosing a consultant for your top performers, or a speaker for your next event, there is only one woman with the experience, insight, charm, and heart of Crystal Dwyer Hansen. Leading the way in health, personal wellness and empowerment, her mission and message speak right to the heart of both men and women worldwide.

Through her dynamic and personalized presentations, and very practical application, Crystal draws on her vast experience and excellence to share with audiences in a way that opens each individual up to a greater version of themselves, in health, wellness, and personal achievement.

As a brilliant health and wellness coach, an accomplished CEO, and a gifted communicator, Crystal brings enormous innate enthusiasm, insight, and energy to her presentations. Crystal has delivered powerful messages to thousands of people all over the world, from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals to women’s groups.

Everyone who spends time in Crystal’s energy orbit, comes away more enlightened, resolved, and ready to evolve to greater levels than ever before imagined.

Crystal is available for consulting and speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars and events, as well as industry-specific trainings.