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Could Vitamin D Support Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Did you know that one of the key reasons why you might not be losing weight is because you don’t have enough vitamin D in your body? Wow, you say! Weight Loss and Vitamin D go together? The answer to that weight loss question is, “yes”! Medical experts say that proper amounts of vitamin D increase fat burning and speed up the weight loss process. Together with calcium and sunlight, vitamin D helps the body to properly assimilate nutrients and regulate blood sugar levels.

The Science Behind Vitamin D And Weight Loss

Here are two major scientific studies that revealed just how much Vitamin D is connected to weight loss. One of them was published by the “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism” and claims that a lack of vitamin D in your body plays a major role in your weight loss goals. The study concluded that having insufficient vitamin D in the body dramatically reduces the body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle mass.

Another recent experiment led by researchers at the University of Minnesota revealed that overweight patients would lose weight faster if they increased the levels of vitamin D in their body. Dr. Shalamar Sibley, the researcher leading the study, started the dietary program with 38 overweight men and women and discovered that patients who increased the levels of vitamin D have lost half a pound more than those who followed the regular diet plan.

Skinny Life Supplements Greatly Enhance Your Weight Loss

So how can you increase your daily vitamin D intake? Some of the best sources of vitamin D are fortified cereals, tofu and soymilk, egg yolk, mushrooms, phytoplankton fish (salmon, herring, wild sardines, mackerel, cod liver, etc.) and nuts. Dietary supplements are also a great source of vitamin D, especially if you’re living in areas with low sun exposure or highly polluted environment.

You can also benefit from our Skinny-On-The-Go meal replacement. Not only is Skinny-On-The-Go formulated as a blood sugar stabilizing meal replacement, it also has 50% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D. It’s an excellent source of healthy nutrients to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Also, make sure you’re listening daily to your Skinny Life audios. The self-hypnosis for weight loss sessions and coaching for weight loss sessions help you change your mental thought patterns to support those healthy eating choices, and seek out the best nutrition for yourself each and every day. The audios help foster and integrate the natural joy that comes from giving yourself the best care.

In most cases, weight loss is just a symptom of a much deeper psychological barrier: self-sabotage. If you are not becoming more fit despite all your weight loss efforts, it’s a sign that your conscious and your subconscious mind are not in alignment. The Skinny Life audios in the Starter Kit or Skinny Life Total Living will help you get back in alignment and stay in alignment with your highest fitness and wellness goals.

Part of the Skinny Life journey is becoming a weight and fitness master in your own life. The more you stay immersed in the tools and information that I provide for you, the sooner you’ll achieve levels of mastery you never dreamed of. I want to bring you all of the most important information and science on what really works permanently to help you stay in control of your total health, eating, and fitness.

The integrated parts of Skinny Life, MIND, EAT, and MOVE make it possible to get masterful, stay masterful, and have fun doing it!

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