Making New Agreements with Ourselves (Tip & Tricks Video) It’s Not About the Weight

Diets Don’t Work, Hypnosis for Weight Does


Hi Skinny Life followers,

Sorry it’s been awhile! I’ve been so engaged with the activity inside the Skinny Life Total Living membership dashboard and it’s growing number of new members. It’s really exciting to see so many people making their heath and fitness a top priority!

I just had to share this article I read about a study published in the New England Journal of medicine. (Click here for the article.) The study basically confirmed that diets and typical weight loss programs are not effective long-term. 5 out of 6 people go back to their original weight or heavier within a year. Billions of dollars are being spent yet nothing changes permanently. In fact the low calorie diets that have been so popular lately are now proven in this study to cause a hormonal shift within the body that tells it to pack on fat! They’ve even pulled most of the diet drugs off the market because they produce minimal results with unnecessary side effects.

This should be a serious wake-up call for all of us. Two-thirds of Americans are now overweight or obese. It is a health crisis that has no rival, as extra fat in the body affects the functioning of every organ and every system.

My passion for Skinny Life continues to be renewed again and again, as I am reminded how devastating weight issues have become for us individually and as a society who will have to foot the bill for millions of people’s broken down bodies.

The sad truth? This is in our control.

There’s only one way to permanently master you health and fitness and that is to deliberately create the consciousness of a fit, slim person inside your mind. As you create that slim, fit identity in your mind, integrating the knowledge and habits of eating and movement that support the identity, you gradually evolve into a naturally fit, slim person. The fat person no longer exists. That person who makes excuses not taking care of his or her body or handles emotional situations by gorging on junk…is simply replaced by the new you.

Skinny Life™ Total Living has the hypnosis, coaching, and practical everyday Eat and Move tips to give birth to the new Skinny You that can last a lifetime. Finally…something that is real and lasting!

Here’s to a lifetime of great health!


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