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Do You Eat Out Too Often?

Do you eat out too often?

Cook at home more often for healthier, more nutritious meals.

When you cook at home, you control how much oil, sugar, and other high-calorie ingredients you use in your recipes.  Eating at home also allows you to eat more whole foods and control portion sizes. This can lead to a healthier waistline and thicker wallet.

If you eat out a lot and want to put an end to it, here are some quick easy tips to help you:

  1. Commit to eating at home. Sounds obvious but if you’re not completely bought into the idea, you will fail. If you have a partner who isn’t on board with your healthier goal, you are also likely to not follow through. Commit and do.
  2. Challenge yourself and give yourself a goal. Is your goal to never eat out? To only eat out on special occasions (and what is a special occasion – a birthday or holiday)? Is your morning cup of coffee at the convenient store or Starbucks considered eating out? Define your goals and make them crystal clear. When you make an outline of what you will and will not do, it makes it easier to stick to your goals.
  3. One Month. After completing the first 2 steps, commit to not eating out for one month. Typically, if you can do something for a month, it has become a habit. Then once you succeed after one month, challenge yourself for another month. You will start to see an increase in your pocketbook and a reduction in your waist (if you are choosing nutritious foods).

What is your goal and how long do you think you can go without eating out again? I would love to read your comments!




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