Should You Eat Before Working Out? Who is Your Weight Loss Support Group?

Do You Have a Healthy Weight Loss Mindset?

If you have ever attempted losing weight in the past, you know that having realistic expectations is crucial to your success! You can’t expect to lose 30, 40, or 50 pounds in a month — you didn’t put it on that fast!

Create healthy expectations and nutrition goals and most of all LISTEN to your body as you lose weight!

Here are a few quick tips for creating and maintaining a healthy mindset:

  1. Remember it is going to take time and WORK to lose weight. There isn’t a machine that will shake your weight off and you can’t possibly eat lettuce and ice cubes daily.
  2. Develop a healthy workout routine and don’t start doing some crazy regime that will not only injure you – your body may not be ready for intense workouts. Go slow!
  3. Avoid fad diets. Instead, choose healthier options, eat smaller portions, stop drinking soda, increase your water intake. Small changes equal big results over time.
  4. There aren’t bad or good goods – but there are healthier choices when dining out or snacking! Take a few seconds before putting food into your mouth and ask yourself, is this the healthiest choice I could be making? If the answer is no, put it down and choose a healthier option.
  5. Put that scale away and focus on your behaviors and choices. If the scale doesn’t budge after a few days, you may lose motivation and throw in the weight loss towel. Put it away until you start feeling and seeing changes — then weigh in.

These are just a few tips for healthier thinking while you venture on your weight loss journey! What are some mindset tricks you have used that helped you lose weight?

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