Could Vitamin D Support Your Weight Loss Efforts? Diets Don’t Work, Hypnosis for Weight Does

Eat Delicious and Nutritious!

The Misconception About Eating

There’s a big misconception out there that all delicious tasting foods must be bad for you. A lot of people carry this belief around all of the time and as a result of that belief, whenever they feel like eating something delicious the gravitate toward something unhealthy. They believe that bad foods are the only real way you’ll find satisfyingly good taste. Remember Skinny Life is about the bottom line truth…so now let’s decide to debunk that myth in your mind that good taste=bad foods. The truth: There are thousands of delicious foods and food combinations that will delight your taste buds, fill you up, and leave you feeling so satisfied and guess what? Those foods are extremely healthy. Remember when you eat a nourishing food it is satisfying your hunger at all levels not just your tummy. Delicious, nutritious foods create a completely different metabolic reaction inside the systems and cells of your body. Nutrient dense foods disburse inside of you and do such things as repair cells, stop inflammation, and create incredible, lasting energy. The net result of THAT is that you feel satisfied.

Cells Don’t Like Low Nutrition, High Calorie Foods

When you eat low nutrition, high calorie foods, all of your cells and systems (a very short time later) send out a signal to your brain that something is still missing. Really nourishment didn’t happen so your body asks for more, and often people go eat more bad food or junk food. The body will just keep trying to satisfy those urges and needs for good nutrition until it gets properly fed and nourished. You can see the vicious cycle that takes place over an over again, until finally, there you are…fat and sick and wondering how you got there.

Awareness is the Key

Start your day off with awareness. Become aware of every single thing you put past your lips and the value or destruction it might bring to your body. Decide to make the best nutrition your business every day. No excuses. Pretty much every where you go now, even if you’re in a hurry, you can find salads, fresh fruit, and lean proteins. So look for THOSE healthy things and chose them for yourself.

Feed Yourself Better

As you feed your body better quality foods you’ll start to naturally feel in more control of your eating and choices because your body won’t be starved for nutrition. Pick delicious healthy foods every time. You’ll feel more satisfied and so happy when you look in the mirror and see what a difference it’s making. But even more important, is the difference it’s making on the inside. I promise you when you make healthy, nutritious eating choices, your cells are smiling saying “thank you”.

Have a GREAT Skinny Day!


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