End emotional attachments to food

Skinny Life “Eat” is a philosophy with lasting results. It begins with discovery about your personal relationship with food; helping you move from a destructive relationship to a constructive, healthy, happy relationship with food. Most people with ongoing weight issues have hidden emotional attachments and connections to food that trigger them to do destructive, unhealthy eating. Skinny Life changes all of that.

Easily stay away from foods that destroy your metabolism and health

Imagine not being tempted by goodies like cookies, ice cream, or donuts. Imagine having the ability to easily refuse greasy French fries, corn dogs, and starchy snack foods. Then, even better, what if you found that you started becoming naturally drawn to fresh salads, lean healthy proteins; that you truly enjoyed clean, healthy eating? This is what happens on the Skinny Life program.

Skinny Life gives you the comprehensive system to understand your food relationship, recognize what nourishes your body rather than punishes it, and then easily and naturally make the choices that honor yourself and your health. When you change your subconscious programming you change everything. The hypnotherapy and coaching methods in the program help those changes become permanent.

Become addicted to healthy foods and healthy eating

Crystal’s unique Skinny Life system makes it easy for you understand how food actually works in your body and how to use foods to your advantage, transforming your eating habits so that you can enjoy your food and maximize the nutritional and metabolic benefits. With Skinny Life these changes will start to happen at the subconscious level immediately, and smart, healthy eating will become second nature in your life. With Skinny Life you’ll naturally start to love the foods that love your body back. Clean, healthy, delicious eating will give you a physical, mental, and emotional advantage that will let you feel more free than you ever have!