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Fitness Failures: Where Your Weight Loss is Going Wrong

We’re all trying to be healthier, even if we don’t know exactly what that means or how to get there. ‘Healthy’ looks different on every person, but we all fall into the same slumps and make the same mistakes. When you start living a healthier lifestyle, there are some common pitfalls that can get in your way. Understanding these mistakes and working through them can be the key to seeing long-lasting results.

Realistic Goals

Making moves in the right direction, no matter the size is always important, but setting specific goals can give you a sense of accomplishment that keeps you motivated to make even bigger changes. Set goals that are specific and realistic, so you can reach them regularly and know when you’ve made progress. If you make mistakes on the way to losing weight, you’ll be better able to see what’s getting in the way of your success if you have a clear goal in mind

Pace Yourself

Making changes in your life can take time, and taking things too fast isn’t healthy or sustainable. Your body can only lose weight so quickly, and you run the risk of hurting yourself if you push things too fast. Enthusiasm is a key part of weight loss, and if you burn out early on, you’ll only shock your system and make it harder to start again.

Finding Support

You can’t rely on other people to make changes for you, but you can lean on them for support or motivation when things get tough. Having a gym buddy, or a personal trainer can keep you on track. Someone to be accountable to, even a pet you take for a walk every day, can distract you from the pressure to do everything right all the time.

The Plateau

When your body is going through changes, it’s because it’s adjusting to a new way of living. At some points, it will get used to the changes you’ve made and you might see your results slow or even stop for a while. This plateau can often lead people to believe that they’re doing something wrong, and either give up, or start doing things at an unhealthy pace to keep seeing results. If you want to work through the plateau, pick one thing and work harder at it at a time. Walk a mile longer, or commit to one more salad instead of pasta. Taking on too much at once won’t help you, especially when you’re already making progress.

The Right Reasons

If you’re working towards a goal you’ve set, it’s critical that the goal you have set is for a reason you can feel good about pursuing. It’s easy to get caught up in doing things for superficial reasons, but pay attention to the ‘non-scale victories’ you see like having more energy, or clearer skin. Losing weight just to be skinny sometimes isn’t enough to keep you committed, so reminding yourself of the success you’re seeing, no matter how it shows can keep you engaged and help you keep your good habits up.

Taking steps to lose weight and live a healthier life is an admirable and wonderful thing to do, and making sure that you do it in a healthy and happy way is the best way to see results from your hard work. Avoiding or preparing for these common mistakes is an important part of safe and sustainable weight loss journey.

Written by our contributing writer: Jane Sandwood


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