10 Walking for Fitness Tips Summer is the Season and the Reason for Eating GOOD Food!

Heart Healthy Summer Grilling Tips

There is something about the sunshine and warmer weather that makes us all head out to the grill! Not only is grilling delicious, it is a fun way to entertain with family and friends. Make sure you are grilling sensibly during the summer months!

Here are a few healthy grilling tips:

  • Use a rack so the fat drips away and off of your food
  • Grill fish! The healthiest types are salmon, herring, trout, and they are all high in omega 3 fatty acids
  • Grill chicken breasts and cut the fat and remove skin before eating! Try using breast meat as it has less fat than legs and thighs.
  • When choosing meat cuts, choose loins and rounds. Also buy choice and select grades of beef instead of prime, and remember to remove any extra fat.
  • Cook vegetables on skewers – this is a healthy and delicious way to get in all of your servings of veggies!

What are some of your favorite heart-healthy grilling tips?


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