Power Walking Tips for Weight Loss Should You Eat Before Working Out?

How To Start Running

Are you walking regularly and wanting to add another form of exercise into your routine? If you have been walking for at least a few weeks, you may be reading to add running.

It may be tempting to put on your comfortable workout shoes and begin running daily, but the best advice is to start with run/walks. Start slow and add slow bouts of running to your regular walking. Gradually increase the amount of time you spend running — this will help you avoid injuries and leave you feeling stronger!

How much running should you add to your walking? About 1 minute for every 4 to 5 minutes of walking. Gradually begin running twice the amount of time you spend walking.

Keep in mind that it is easy to injure yourself. Take it slow. Don’t run too far and too fast. Let your body be your guide.

You can expect sore muscles and aches, especially in your quads and calves. Sharp pains or pain that worsens as you walk and run are signals that your body needs a rest for a few days, or you need to see a doctor.

Remember to stay safe, wear proper fitting shoes and workout gear, and make running fun! You deserve good health!



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