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How to Successfully Lose Weight

How to Successfully Lose Weight

Throughout many successful weight loss journeys, there are similar factors that contribute to lasting and successful weight loss.  Here we share a few, and, if you have tips to share with others, please comment below or head over to our Facebook page to share your weight loss tips!

  1. Mindset is everything.

Weight loss is difficult. It is hard to break old habits and implement new ones. Our bodies have memory (you’ve probably heard of muscle memory, well, our entire bodies have physical memory) and losing weight is rewiring the memory. You will hit plateaus and there will be weigh-ins where you lose nothing, you may even gain a few pounds. But don’t despair, stay positive and remember that even when things are frustrating and you’re feeling defeated, that the journey will be worth it once you hit your weight loss goals.

  1. Burn more calories than you consume.

Yes, the goal is to eat healthier and to nourish your body with the right nutrients and vitamins. With that being said, it is still possible to lose weight eating the foods you currently love, IF, you can eat them in moderation. Slowly replace unhealthy foods with healthy, vibrant, unprocessed foods. Log your meals and track your calories, this will help you burn more calories than you are eating.

  1. Move your body.

Each person burns calories each day on a normal day, some more than others based on muscle mass, their movement throughout the day and overall lifestyle. To permanently lose weight and keep it off, you need to make lifestyle changes. You will need to find an exercise that you love doing, such as swimming, yoga, cardio, lifting weights, or taking walks. Make your workouts fun and move, move, move.

  1. Eat clean and organic.

Weight loss rules are simple. Eat organic and clean, eat in moderation, eat lots of green leafy vegetables, limit sugar (bread, soft drinks, pastries, etc), eat plenty of protein, and drink tea or unsweetened coffee, and lots of hydrating water.

  1. Stay busy.

Keep busy at home (even housework burns calories), and park further away when you go out so you can benefit from extra walking to and from your car (make sure your car is in a well-lit area and close to others when parking at night). There are several small changes we can make that will increase our calorie burn.

  1. Celebrate successes.

Make small goals. Don’t wait to reward yourself until you have lost all of your weight. You will become frustrated and feel unmotivated. Instead, find ways to celebrate your small wins throughout your weight loss journey! Maybe a fun night out with friends, or buying something new to show off your changing figure, or going to a movie, can be rewards you implement. Just remember to celebrate YOU!

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