Make Moving Your Body FUN Again! Why You Shouldn’t Eat After 7 PM

How to Work Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Into Your Schedule

Have you ever stopped eating healthy because it felt like it took too much time and didn’t fit into your busy schedule? It may seem like driving to your favorite drive-thru or grabbing a bagel, are  quicker alternatives to preparing, healthy, nutritious meals . . . but that is not the case.

When you create a “lifestyle” instead of a temporary diet, you need a few tools in your belt to create shortcuts to healthy eating that last a lifetime. When you repeat these healthy shortcuts they become habits leading to permanent changes and a permanently healthy, fit, you.

Here are a few quick pointers to help you stay focused, eat healthy, and save you time:

  • Put chopped veggies in a bag for tomorrow’s snacks while you make your salad for dinner.
  • Making something healthy for dinner? Make larger portions and freeze the extras for a quick go-to healthy lunch or meal for another day.
  • Keep a running grocery list of the healthy food staples you keep in your kitchen; the vegetables, snacks, fruits, and other essentials that you use often. Snap a photo of you list before you head out the door so grabbing the right stuff at the store is on auto-pilot.
  • Have fruit and high fiber snacks readily available in your kitchen.
  • Keep frozen, cooked, cut chicken in your freezer so that you can throw it in a wok with fresh veggies. In just a few minutes you can always put together a quick, healthy, skinny life meal!
  • Invest in a water bottle and opt for refreshing, hydrating water with sliced fruit, berries, or cucumber slices throw in instead of soda when you need a drink.

Your daily behaviors are made of the daily choices you make and this creates your lifestyle. Once you create habits, living a Skinny Life lifestyle will be easier to maintain! You are in control of your health!

To your health and skinny life!

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