Movement on Your Rebounder (Tips & Tricks Video) Another Hypnosis Hypno-Pill (Skinny Minis)

Hypnosis Hypno-Pill (Skinny Minis)

Here’s your first Skinny Mini. These are quick affirmations that are part of the support system in the full Skinny Life Total Living membership site. These are designed to supplement the deeper and longer hypnosis audios.

Often when we’re going about our day, there are things that come up that can trigger negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that could sabotage our best efforts. The Skinny Mini’s are meant to be an easily accessible quick, downloadable tool, to give you the reinforcement you need, instantly, when you need it.

There is a new one released each week in the Skinny Life Total Living program. Many of them will be topic specific like No More Portion Distortion, or Love to Move. Have a listen preferably with your eyes closed (if it’s safe to do so).

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