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It’s Not About the Weight

Hi Skinny Life Team,

I was asked in a personal message today by one of my thoughtful members to really consider the word “skinny” in my brand as they are challenged right now with an adolescent who is going through an eating disorder. It’s a really good question and not the first time it’s come up. I considered it carefully when deciding to create a place to share the knowledge and tools I have gathered through many years of practicing and teaching healthy eating and movement with the mindset that consistently supports those practices. I want to share those reasons with you so that together we can hopefully create a psychology that always moves us forward into becoming our very best.

First of all, in using Skinny Life I wanted to redefine the word Skinny, which is why you’ll always see the tag line say, “The Real Skinny on Fit, Slim, and Healthy”. Other tag lines you’ll see are: Definition Skinny- Bottom Line Truth. The goal of living the Skinny Life is to understand the truth about what really contributes to our health, well-being, and happiness and what doesn’t. The other thing I talk about over and over in my coaching audios is how Skinny Life is not a certain shape or size, it’s about being the absolute healthiest version of you possible.

I can’t emphasize enough that weight issues are never about the weight, whether we’re dealing with an obese person or a person suffering an eating disorder. Both of those scenarios are about having a destructive relationship with food…just on different ends of the spectrum. The origin of both issues comes from the thought/emotion feedback loop in the mind and body. Negative thinking patterns trigger an array of emotions that can either drive people to sooth themselves with food, or punish themselves with deprivation that gives them the illusion of having control over their lives.

We have to get to the bottom of our thoughts, the thousands of both voluntary and involuntary thoughts that constantly roll through our minds. Each thought sends out a chemical concoction that can trigger an infinite number of emotional states. If we get to the bottom of our negative thinking, both subconsciously and consciously and deliberately change it to a more positive belief system, our emotional states will follow. We can literally transform ourselves into a person who naturally sees his or her own value, and will naturally support that value with self-respect, discipline, and habits that nurture our best health, happiness, and well-being.

Many people have been conditioned to think of “skinny” as something unachievable….a form only highly celebrated stars achieve. Actually, healthy weight and excellent fitness are very natural for anyone to attain, if you understand that they’re built from the inside out, starting with the conditioning of your mind. I’ve found hypnotherapy and hypnosis to be the most powerful tools to accomplish that. There’s nothing mysterious about hypnosis or hypnotherapy, it simply is a method of putting your mind in a relaxed state so that you can expose your subconscious to the suggestions to release all negative programing, and to implement positive, life changes in your beliefs, thinking, habits, and behaviors.

Let’s join together and share the message to all of our families and friends that great health and fitness are natural, easy states for all of us if we just get to the bottom of the driving force of our inner beliefs and fears and change them for the better. Every one of us can master our health and fitness.

I’m encouraging every one of you to nurture yourself and commit to living the absolute best version of you possible. That’s living the bottom line truth. That’s living the Skinny Life.

To Your Greatest Health and Fitness,


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