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Let’s Experience the Skinny Life Firsthand

Crystal has asked me to update you on the Skinny Life Advisory Team program. Many of you have been participating actively and giving us some great feedback. We really appreciate that.

Let me bring you up to speed on what’s happened and where we’re headed next.

We launched this program three weeks ago. Signs from the very beginning were good. On day one we signed up more than 150 of Mark’s followers. A total of 753 of you have registered in all. Can you believe it? We were hoping for a few hundred and we got that many the first day.

If you signed up in the last week, I recommend you visit the blog and review some of the blog articles we’ve published. It will give you a better idea of all we have shared with the Team and what your fellow Team members have shared back with us.

So here’s the plan going forward.

    1. Starting next Monday, we will NOT accept any more Advisory Team members. We’ll be removing the sign up form from the site. Only those of you who signed up early will be able to participate in this next phase of the program.
    2. We are going to be sharing with you the same Skinny Life videos and audios that will make their way into the Skinny Life full member program we’ll be launching soon. (BTW, we just met with our programming team and March is when we’ll be making the official next full Skinny Life membership program available. We’ll give you a solid launch date as soon as we have one.)

These are “for-pay” Skinny Life program videos and audio we’ll be sending you at no cost. We’re going to send it out to you several times a week roughly simulating how you would receive them if you were actually signed up for the program.

You can click here to view the first of these videos.

    1. A number of you have requested the “Starter Kit” that Renettra and Vivien discuss in their videos. We hadn’t planned on making it available, but given the large number of requests we’ve received, Crystal has decided to make it available on the Skinny Life products page. We’re going to price it at a steep discount for Advisory Team members like yourself so stay tuned for it.

The coaching and hypnosis tapes that come with the “Starter Kit” are beginner versions of the material we’ll be including in the March launch of the program. The ones we are launching go deeper and broader, but as you can tell from Renettra and Vivien’s comments (click here to see what they have to say) the program has worked for them. They both have LOVED using the hypnosis audios and started noticing immediate changes in their mindset and behavior. In combination with the videos and audios we’ll be releasing, the “Starter Kit” will give you a feel for how this soon to be launched full membership Skinny Life program will work

We are going to be using a new, member only, blog comment feature like the one you can see below this blog article as a place where you can share your feedback both on the program itself and your experience with it. You can use the comments to interact with each other as well which is something we’ve already seen you do in previous blog articles. Crystal and our team will continue to monitor blog comments actively and respond to you, as we have to date.

So until we launch Skinny Life in March, we’re making this pre-launch program available both to help you get started and to work with the entire Advisory Team to continue gathering feedback for tweaking the program.

As we’ve said before, our goal is to make the program the best it can be using the feedback of the 753 of you. The feedback we’ve been getting has been excellent, to date. We anticipate that during this next phase, we’ll be getting even more valuable feedback we can use to make Skinny Life the best program possible.

As always, I’m here to answer any questions you may have either via the comments below, the contact us page or just plain email. You can get my email by replying to any of the email messages I have sent you.

Hope you are as excited as I am.


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