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Let’s Go Over How All This Is Gonna Work

Hello everyone. Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I’m Reggie Farra. I’m Crystal’s Skinny Life “program coordinator.” What does that mean?

It means I’m one of the people Crystal has working behind the scenes (and sometimes in front of the scenes) to make sure everyone understands how the Skinny Life Advisory Team works. I’m here to help you get the most out of this program and to help Crystal gather your feedback so we can make the soon to be released Skinny Life program the best it can be.

If you all would like to reach me directly, please do so. I’m here to help. You can reach me several ways.

One great way is using the blog comments. Why? Because when Crystal or I answer questions you leave for us in a comment, the question is already available for others to see. We can then leave our answer and everyone can see the answer as well.

Another way is using the contact form on the site. Crystal and I are both watching out for your messages. Maybe you have something personal or something a you want to keep private for whatever reason. Fill out the form we’ve provided for that. You can click here to get to the form or use the link in the menu in the upper right.

The last way is to reply to one of the emails we send you. Each one has our return email address in it that you can use to reach us if you just have to.

So Let’s Give This a Try

To make sure everyone understands is how to post a comment, let’s experiment with this blog post right here. (BTW, a blog post is this article thing you’re reading. We call it a blog post because everyone on the Internet does too.)

If you look at the very bottom of this page, you’ll see the heading “Leave a Reply” followed by some boxes you can fill in with your name, email address and comment.

To make sure you understand how to use this thing, enter a comment right now. Why don’t you post:

  • A hello message
  • A shout out
  • Anything you like

We want to make sure this thing works for you.

A few tips.

  • Make sure to keep your personal information and those of the others private. No need to use anything other than a person’s first name (including yourself.)
  • Please be polite to the other team members. We screen all the comments before they go live. If we see stuff that isn’t to our liking, we aren’t going to let it display on the site.
  • Have some fun! Why not? It’s not every day we get to interact with others going through the same thing we’re going through. Weight loss can be such a struggle. Why not share your struggle with the rest of us?

So let’s see how many comments we can enter right below.


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