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Watch these videos to understand the three components of the Skinny Life…

Discover your real weight issue

People who’ve struggled with weight issues are often stuck in a story about why they can’t be fit and healthy. If you believe you’re stuck with “bad genes” and feel shame about your body, if you believe you just “look at food” and gain weight, if you believe you’re not in control and that food controls you, you’re real problem isn’t your weight. Weight problems are only a symptom or by-product of your self-sabotaging belief and habit patterns.

Most weight loss or fitness programs act like a band-aid, focusing on the weight itself, not the cause of it. Unfortunately most of those weight plans and programs are not permanently successful because the real issues and problems are not being addressed. You can only make a permanent change in your weight and fitness if you have a permanent change in consciousness.

Start with the mind

In the Skinny Life we start with the mind and mental programming because the mind is the director of everything you do… everything you have become…and everything you will become.

Even your habits are born from the thought patterns within your mind, so if we’re going to change habits, we’re going to have to start by changing the thought patterns in your mind that are keeping those habits alive!

Those habits programmed in your subconscious mind can result in nervous stress eating, and binging and emotional eating. There are other destructive eating habits that are learned culturally. These cultural eating habits can feel like they’re a part of your identity that you can’t let go of…but you can.

A new you

Just like software, you need to make sure your subconscious programming has been examined and updated so that it can help you achieve the levels of health, fitness, and happiness that you deserve.

End emotional attachments to food

Skinny Life “Eat” is a philosophy with lasting results. It begins with discovery about your personal relationship with food; helping you move from a destructive relationship to a constructive, healthy, happy relationship with food. Most people with ongoing weight issues have hidden emotional attachments and connections to food that trigger them to do destructive, unhealthy eating. Skinny Life changes all of that.

Easily stay away from foods that destroy your metabolism and health

Imagine not being tempted by goodies like cookies, ice cream, or donuts. Imagine having the ability to easily refuse greasy French fries, corn dogs, and starchy snack foods. Then, even better, what if you found that you started becoming naturally drawn to fresh salads, lean healthy proteins; that you truly enjoyed clean, healthy eating? This is what happens on the Skinny Life program.

Skinny Life gives you the comprehensive system to understand your food relationship, recognize what nourishes your body rather than punishes it, and then easily and naturally make the choices that honor yourself and your health. When you change your subconscious programming you change everything. The hypnotherapy and coaching methods in the program help those changes become permanent.

Become addicted to healthy foods and healthy eating

Crystal’s unique Skinny Life system makes it easy for you understand how food actually works in your body and how to use foods to your advantage, transforming your eating habits so that you can enjoy your food and maximize the nutritional and metabolic benefits. With Skinny Life these changes will start to happen at the subconscious level immediately, and smart, healthy eating will become second nature in your life. With Skinny Life you’ll naturally start to love the foods that love your body back. Clean, healthy, delicious eating will give you a physical, mental, and emotional advantage that will let you feel more free than you ever have!

Movement doesn’t mean grueling exercise

Most people have a hard time staying on an exercise regimen because they tend to equate it with pain and punishment. At Skinny Life we know you’re not going to do something that seems painful…so we change all of that.

It’s no secret that movement and exercise help you lose weight and stay fit. But there is so much more to the story when it comes to moving our bodies.

Movement is absolutely crucial to the health of our bodies, and our mental and emotional well being

Just like water or air needs movement to stay clean, pure, and to purge itself of toxins and pollutants, so do our bodies need movement for the same reasons. Have you ever seen a lake or pond were the water is just sitting and sitting and stagnating? Water that is flowing and moving is continually cleaning, purifying, and detoxifying itself through the action of movement. The human body is no different. We are made mostly of water…approximately 80 percent. The rest is space and some other chemical concoctions. Our bodies take in toxins and create oxidation and chemical waste every day. The only way to continually purge those waste products and toxins is through movement.

You can create a vigorous metabolism

The body needs to create a vigorous metabolism to stay healthy and youthful. But metabolism doesn’t simply describe how your body burns calories, determining whether you stay thin or not. Metabolism is actually a series of complex chemical reactions in which the body converts food into fuel, which then becomes the energy that powers and coordinates everything we do like thinking, moving, and growing. Metabolism is a process vital to all forms of life, and if it stops…living things just die.

With Skinny Life you learn to love movement

Moving your body more and learning the best ways to move it is what this part of Skinny Life is all about. But you have to start by reprogramming yourself to love movement. Skinny Life helps you change your programming so you never want to go a day without fat-burning, metabolism boosting movement. The Skinny Life system shows you the most fun, easy ways to move and exercise, guiding you with videos each week to integrate these simple moves and have a blast doing it!