Discover your real weight issue

People who’ve struggled with weight issues are often stuck in a story about why they can’t be fit and healthy. If you believe you’re stuck with “bad genes” and feel shame about your body, if you believe you just “look at food” and gain weight, if you believe you’re not in control and that food controls you, you’re real problem isn’t your weight. Weight problems are only a symptom or by-product of your self-sabotaging belief and habit patterns.

Most weight loss or fitness programs act like a band-aid, focusing on the weight itself, not the cause of it. Unfortunately most of those weight plans and programs are not permanently successful because the real issues and problems are not being addressed. You can only make a permanent change in your weight and fitness if you have a permanent change in consciousness.

Start with the mind

In the Skinny Life we start with the mind and mental programming because the mind is the director of everything you do… everything you have become…and everything you will become.

Even your habits are born from the thought patterns within your mind, so if we’re going to change habits, we’re going to have to start by changing the thought patterns in your mind that are keeping those habits alive!

Those habits programmed in your subconscious mind can result in nervous stress eating, and binging and emotional eating. There are other destructive eating habits that are learned culturally. These cultural eating habits can feel like they’re a part of your identity that you can’t let go of…but you can.

A new you

Just like software, you need to make sure your subconscious programming has been examined and updated so that it can help you achieve the levels of health, fitness, and happiness that you deserve.