Movement doesn’t mean grueling exercise

Most people have a hard time staying on an exercise regimen because they tend to equate it with pain and punishment. At Skinny Life we know you’re not going to do something that seems painful…so we change all of that.

It’s no secret that movement and exercise help you lose weight and stay fit. But there is so much more to the story when it comes to moving our bodies.

Movement is absolutely crucial to the health of our bodies, and our mental and emotional well being

Just like water or air needs movement to stay clean, pure, and to purge itself of toxins and pollutants, so do our bodies need movement for the same reasons. Have you ever seen a lake or pond were the water is just sitting and sitting and stagnating? Water that is flowing and moving is continually cleaning, purifying, and detoxifying itself through the action of movement. The human body is no different. We are made mostly of water…approximately 80 percent. The rest is space and some other chemical concoctions. Our bodies take in toxins and create oxidation and chemical waste every day. The only way to continually purge those waste products and toxins is through movement.

You can create a vigorous metabolism

The body needs to create a vigorous metabolism to stay healthy and youthful. But metabolism doesn’t simply describe how your body burns calories, determining whether you stay thin or not. Metabolism is actually a series of complex chemical reactions in which the body converts food into fuel, which then becomes the energy that powers and coordinates everything we do like thinking, moving, and growing. Metabolism is a process vital to all forms of life, and if it stops…living things just die.

With Skinny Life you learn to love movement

Moving your body more and learning the best ways to move it is what this part of Skinny Life is all about. But you have to start by reprogramming yourself to love movement. Skinny Life helps you change your programming so you never want to go a day without fat-burning, metabolism boosting movement. The Skinny Life system shows you the most fun, easy ways to move and exercise, guiding you with videos each week to integrate these simple moves and have a blast doing it!