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New Year Resolutions to a New YOU!

Here we are again, at the start of a brand new journey around the sun.  The new year doesn’t just bring us a new calendar, it also brings with it a great opportunity to begin again, start fresh, and try to improve on the years past.   Most of us think in terms of what we’ll do differently, goals we’ll set, things we’ll try to accomplish.

What I like to encourage my clients to do is to use this opportunity to not just do different but to be different.  If you’ve read Skinny Life, The Secret to Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Fitness, you’re familiar with the Skinny Life concept of creating a new identity to get what you want with your fitness goals.   At Skinny Life we start with the concept of changing on the inside before you can change anything on the outside.  As I always remind everyone, you’ll never have a “skinny” body until you have a “skinny” mind.    That’s the real skinny…the bottom–line truth!

At Skinny Life becoming fit and slim is not about being a particular size and shape, it is about becoming the best and healthiest version of you!   We were each created from a unique mold, so it’s about realizing the goal isn’t to look like someone else, its about discovering the best version of you– from the inside out.

When we focus on who we’ll be first, rather than what we’ll do, the results are remarkably different and the successes greater and longer lasting.  So how DO we become that fit, slim person inside?  The person who naturally honors their body, makes the right eating decisions, and integrates healthy movement and exercise into their lives?

Here are some tips that will bring you more lasting success and results:

  • Spend 5 minutes minimum each morning and before you go to bed each night in a quiet closed-eye state saying these three things: “I love that I’m becoming the best and healthiest version of myself.  I love that it’s becoming easier and easier each day for me.  I love that everyone around me is okay with my best health and fitness, and that I could inspire others to do the same.”
  • Focus on what to do more than what not to do. Pick 3 positive things you’ll do each day that reflect the new, fit, healthy version of you.  Things like:
    1. Ordering a lettuce wrapped burger with a side salad instead of fries.
    2. Leave 15 minutes early and your kids to school rather than driving.
    3. Picking different colors and varieties of fruits and vegetables to eat each day and noticing the beautiful varieties.

As you go through each day and the choices become easier, start adding more until pretty soon you’re doing what fit people naturally do!

  • Reject any negative self-talk. If you hear those old voices creep up telling you this is useless, you’ll never get it right, notice those thoughts immediately and realize they’re old recordings you need to stop playing in your mind.  Imagine you’re changing the channel and immediately affirm yourself and any positive change you’ve made, small or large.

Remember always, this is a journey, not a race to a finish line.  It is you living your life better and better each and every day.  The important thing is to never give up on yourself.  If you slip and fall one day, get right back up.  Remind yourself who you are as the new, fit, slim you and move forward again in a positive direction.

Wishing you the happiest new year—celebrating the new version of YOU!

Have a great Skinny Life Day!


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