Simple Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Healthy Eating — Loaded Spaghetti

7 Nutrition Tips for Health and Weightloss

Trying to lose weight or stay healthy? Make it a priority with some simple health tips!

  1. Limit Eating Out: Not only will this help you shave off extra fat, sodium, and sugar, it will also give your wallet some weight gain.
  2. If you have a place and the weather to grow it, do the planting of your healthy fruits and vegetables yourself. This doesn’t allow you to use the excuse that “it’s too expensive to eat healthy . . . “
  3. If you can’t grow it, buy your fresh produce at a farmers market.
  4. Cut out sugar. Sugar has absolutely no nutrition and is high in calories and addicting!
  5. Exercise. No level of nutrition can make up for your lack of exercise and vice versa! Find ways to move your body! Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Wake up 10 minutes early and lift small hand weights. Take a quick walk and get your heart pumping. Do something, do anything, just move, move, move.
  6. Eat smaller portions by eating on smaller plates.
  7. Start drinking WATER and put down your soft drinks and high calorie fruit juices.

Remember, it only takes 21 days of doing something to make it a habit.  So start making these small changes in your routine and diet and watch the results work like magic.


Green Healthy Living Apple Illustration on white background.

Green Healthy Living Apple Illustration on white background.

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