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Overeating Awareness

I just heard another one of my friends who is at least 70 pounds overweight tell me, “I don’t know why I can’t get rid of this weight.” I really don’t eat that badly. I try to eat salads and not that many sweets”. In the next couple of weeks, just the few times I was around her, I saw her say yes to a big sub sandwich because it was there, even though it wasn’t yet lunchtime, a bagel with cream cheese even though she had eaten breakfast an hour before, and “free” Halloween candy, even though she had indulged in a friend’s birthday cake earlier. On top of all of this mindless eating, she was getting wrapped up in office politics, spending longer hours at work contributing to the drama, and getting almost no movement or exercise in her day. ”I don’t know why I can’t get rid of this weight???” Come on now let’s be honest.

This is called denial and disconnection. This happens over and over again with in our society which is continually getting bigger and bigger…and not able to figure out, why. People are so wrapped up in their to-do lists and the ongoing stress to get everything done, that they’re not present to what’s happening moment by moment in their lives…they are especially disconnected from what’s being shoved into their mouth, and it’s effect on how their body looks and functions.

What to do? Get present to the moment; begin to live in the moment so you’re really connecting with your behaviors and habits and the impending consequences of them, moment by moment. This is actually what I call a slowing down process. It’s not that it really takes any more time out of your day, but slowing each moment down makes you aware of what you’re doing; like shoving donut holes in your mouth in the break room while you tell your latest story about how your 13 year old is being difficult at home.

Here’s the 4 step process. Before you ever put anything near your lips you must:

  • Put it on a napkin or plate and look at it for a minute.
  • Consider how many calories, fat, sugar, starch, or grease it contains.
  • Consider how it will negatively impact your body. Is it worth it?
  • Choose something better, or wait until later when you can get something better.

If you can take 30 seconds to do this before you eat something, you’ll start to gain control over your eating habits, replacing bad ones with good ones. And instead of indulging in something you’ll regret later, treat yourself to a walk around the block. A little sunshine and a nice breeze will do more to rejuvenate and renew you than junk food. And when you tell people you eat the right things, you’ll really mean it!

I’d like to hear about your greatest overeating challenges. I look forward to discussing your comments!

Have a great Skinny day!


ps…the hypnosis for weight loss programs in Skinny Life will really help you master this!

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