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In Your SKINNY LIFE STARTER KIT you will find exactly what you need to start living your Skinny Life today!

4 Coaching Audios
  • How Overeating Can Eat You Up
  • Skinny Eating That's Savory and Satisfying
  • Moving Through the Skinny Life
  • Guide Yourself Skinny through Imagery
2 Guided Imagery Audios
  • Weigh Loss I: Conquering Weight Forever
  • Weight Loss II: The Real Me


7-Day Recipe Book

INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Your next meal
could be your healthiest ever!

Crystal will be your virtual guide for an entire year to transform your health and body permanently!

The weekly materials include:

Change Your Self-Sabotage programs for good!

12 super powerful guided imagery core foundation and coaching audios, plus a full year of back-up support delivered right your email and stored in your own membership dashboard that you can access online anytime:

Learn how to eat, cook, and move!

Crystal’s fun video tips and tricks - twice a week showing you how to eat, cook, and move the Skinny Life way.

Miracle foods that you want to be eating!

Skinny Boosts - twice a week give you science based facts on what these foods are and why the can help you create the body you’ll love!

Boost you’re your resolve!

Skinny Mini’s - Short 2 ½ minute audio affirmation sessions to use throughout the day. Listen before lunch or after a stressful day to feel good about staying in control.

Log your feelings and victories!

Skinny Life Online Journal - journal your thoughts right in your own dashboard to track where you are on your journey to health and fitness.

Share the triumph!

Skinny Life Living Room:
We all grow stronger by sharing our triumph and concerns and by supporting each other.

Wear a daily reminder of your commitment to yourself!

Skinny Life Booster Bracelet
You’ll receive your own stylish Skinny Life MIND-EAT-MOVE bracelet. It will be right with you to remind you of your own personal commitment to living the best healthy, young, fit life possible. You can add our chic milestone bracelets as you reach new milestones to help you celebrate your victories!