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Pushing Through Weight Loss Plateaus

Have you lost a lot of weight and now the scale isn’t moving? You might have already figured out, the first 10 come off the quickest and the last 5 pounds are the most difficult to lose.

You are probably still doing all of the right things; eating less, moving more, meditating . . . but you feel like your progress has stalled a bit? ! You have officially hit a weight loss plateau and it can be frustrating!

Don’t let this cause you to lose your motivation and keep you from achieving your ultimate health goals. You can break through your plateau with these simple, easy-to-incorporate Skinny Life tips!

  • MOVE more and move differently! Think outside of your regular exercise routine and increase your physical activity throughout the day by walking more, playing more, cleaning more . . . anything you can do to create additional calorie burning! Studies show that people who bounce their leg or tap their foot habitually while they’re resting are likely to have a higher metabolism!
  • Scrutinize your habits: Have you loosed on the rules you began at the beginning of your journey? Have your portions slowly gotten larger. Are you not staying present to the quality of the foods you’re eating? Look through your journal and see if there is anything you are doing differently, a little slacking here and there can add up fast.
  • Balance out slack times with super discipline! If you indulged in that cake at your dad’s birthday party, have a lean fruit/veggie smoothie for breakfast and walk an extra mile or take faster strides that day. Or try Increasing the intensify of your workout with additional weights or a few more reps per move.
  • Indulge in lots of fiber/water dense low calorie foods. Lots of greens, peppers, tomatoes, celery, cucumber coupled with a clean source of protein like low fat sour cream dip, hummus, or turkey spears. Don’t ever starve yourself, or you will continuously feel hungry and drained of energy, and this may cause you to overeat later in the day.

Whatever you do; don’t give up! You have come so far and it isn’t worth reverting back to old eating and exercising habits (or lack of them). Celebrate your success and remember those last few pounds are just going to take longer to lose than the first few.


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