6 Foods That May Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals—And What to Eat Instead Waking Up and Making Your Day Positive!

Shift Your Mindset for Permanent Weight Loss!

I discovered through my experience coaching people for weight loss, that the weight loss journey for people is universally similar.  Most approached their latest weight loss program feeling like this would be the magic bullet to lose weight and keep it off. Many lost the weight and kept it off for 3, 6, 12 month, or longer, but then found the weight slowly creeping back on. The first and most important part of the Skinny Life philosophy is that there is no magic bullet to achieve permanent weight loss.

For long-term weight loss to really work, you are going to have to change your mindset.

Most people trying to lose weight do so by focusing on their trouble areas, the weight on the scale, and quick results . . . without taking the time to get to the heart of the issue; what’s going on in the mind. Are you happy?  Do you take time for your self care?  Do you prioritize your health and fitness?  You can’t permanently change your weight on the outside without realizing the correct inner resolve and intention. You need to change the patterns of behavior in your mindset so that you don’t have to fight against yourself when trying to lose weight.

Clean healthy eating and exercise, can make weight loss a challenging process for many.  It takes tremendous self- awareness and self-moderation. Most people find that just setting a goal to lose weight and exercise is not enough.  They fall short of their goals so they end up discouraged and disappointed, often becoming more out of control with themselves than when they started.  This is where you must go back to changing your mindset to achieve long-term success.

Personal change also is required if you want to lose weight long-term. Personal changes means changing your habits that led you to weight gain in the first place. It means changing all of your well established thought and behavioral patterns that prevent us from creating new patterns, eating healthy, and sticking to a new program. The Skinny Life Total Living program offers the daily support through daily emailed tips, videos, and most importantly self-hypnosis audios that help you change mind-set patterns at a very deep level to achieve permanent results.

If you would like to have me as your virtual guide for an entire year to transform your health, permanently, go HERE.

The Skinny Life audios in the Total Living Program, are listened to in a closed eye state using guided visualization which reinforces personal changes every time you listen as you continue to use them. The new mind-set pathways become more entrenched the more you listen. Successfully losing weight requires commitment and that commitment must be reinforced with repetition.

Adherence to these personal changes are essential for changing your mindset and they both begin with positive thoughts and self-talk. It’s one of the simplest techniques you can use that can begin right now!  Ever hear that little voice in the back of your mind saying “You can’t do it”, “I’ll fail”, “I’m too fat”, “I hate the way I look” . . . overcoming these negative thoughts is an essential ingredient in weight loss and diet motivation. So change your negative thinking with positive thinking tips:

  • Be gentle, loving, and kind to yourself.
  • Talk to yourself the same way you would talk to a loved one.
  • Remind yourself that you deserve to be happy, look good, and feel the results of a healthy body.
  • Start your day with positive affirmations such as “I will love and respect my body today” and “I deserve a healthy mind and body.”
  • Overcome an aversion to exercise. Some people don’t even like the word so our favorite Skinny Life term is Movement. Find activities that you enjoy doing so you look forward to moving your body! Love to dance? Sign up for dance classes. Enjoy being outdoors? Start walking or running so you can enjoy nature. When you are doing things you like doing, your mind won’t find you on performing the activity.

Talking positively to yourself will help your actions flow more naturally and align your mind with the changes you are making to your body.

Remember, losing weight isn’t something you just go and do.

Learning to live as a slim, fit, healthy, active person is someone you become.

Change your mindset first and that will change your weight.

To Your Greatest Health and Fitness!


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