Skinny Life Core Principle #2 – EAT Challenges and Transformation

Skinny Life Core Principle #3 – MOVE

Good Morning Team,

Here is your next free Skinny Life video. It’s on Skinny Life Core Principle #3 Movement.

This is my favorite of the Skinny Life principles because everything about our health and wellness involves movement. Our organs and systems need movement to stay healthy and function well. Our muscles and joints are made around movement and the strength and integrity of them depends on it. Even our mental and emotional state of being flourishes when we are moving our bodies the way they were meant to move.

After you watch this third video, I’d like to hear from you when you get a moment.

I’d like to know which of the three core areas of Skinny Life present the biggest problem for you:

  • MIND- Do you feel like you know exactly how to eat and you’re good at exercise, but you get shut down from life’s stress or emotional situations and find yourself unable to support the good eating and movement you know?
  • EAT- Are you someone who gets confused or overwhelmed by what’s really right to eat, and how could you possible take the right steps and integrate them into your life to make that happen?
  • MOVE- Plainly, is it just hard for you to get moving? To get started on activities that you like and will stick with?

Your answers are really helpful and will help me create the very best support center and product possible.

I look forward to hearing your insights!


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