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Spring Time Fitness Tips

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Spring is officially here.

Spring brings in a feeling of buoyancy as it symbolizes new growth and new beginnings.  While we start to shed some of our heavier clothes it’s a good time to deliberately shed some of the unhealthy winter habits we may have acquired.

Let’s keep our approach light and breezy as we renew our commitment to feeling and looking great for spring and summer.

The first rule: keep it simple.

We’re all inundated with so much information:
“Eat less carbs.” “Count calories.” “Go Paleo.” “Become Vegan.” “Only eat whole foods.” “Lift, but don’t lift heavy weights.” “Stretch, but don’t overstretch.”. No wonder it’s overwhelming and confusing at times!

When deciding what information to follow that will help you achieve your health goals, choose what is right for you. This will make your goals attainable and take away the guilt that comes with following someone else’s perfect weight loss plan.

Here are some tips for getting healthier, in shape, and losing weight (if that is your goal), this spring:

  • Keep the spring in your step!  Find an activity that you truly love and enjoy doing, and it will be a joy to do! Exercise doesn’t have to be hard and strenuous for you to get the benefits of a daily fitness routine. If you love what you do, often you’ll lose yourself in it and spend way more time doing the activity!

  • Stop telling yourself you don’t have the time healthy movement. It’s an excuse. You will never “find” the time to work out, you have to create the time. When our bodies are healthy, are minds are more healthy. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress and some forms of depression. If you hate going to the gym, take a walk, go swimming, find an at home workout – do something that is simple and fun so you continue creating a good habit.

  • Focus on achieving increased energy and confidence.  Getting in shape is the ideal way to accomplish those things. You will need to identify your why if you want long term, lasting, results.

  • Forget counting calories and carbohydrates. Instead, focus on fueling your body. Don’t live to eat – eat to live. If you are eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains (there are gluten free ones too), hormone free proteins, and drinking plenty of water, you will hit your goals.

  • Change your mindset! If you look at exercise and eating healthy as a punishment, change your thinking. Being fit and healthy is a reward – you couldn’t give yourself a greater gift.

  • Drink more water – it is one of the simplest things you can do for a healthier, refreshed, you. Property hydration aids in digestion, boosts energy, nourishes the skin, and refuels our bodies for workouts and warmer weather. Buy yourself a stylish spring water bottle that stays with you everywhere you go!

Keep your goals for springtime fitness simple, light, and fun and suddenly you have wonderful, lasting habits!

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