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Stop Hating Your Body

We often believe hatred and self-loathing will motivate us to change in positive ways. If we say and believe enough negative things about ourselves, we can’t help but feel the urge to change, right?

That strategy just won’t work. It’s time to update your software system and with it, your approach. Love the body you live in. Be its friend, its partner, its teammate. Co-pilot the same ship — your life! Work together to create a life and body you love. When you practice self-love instead of body shaming,  you can work harmoniously with yourself to achieve anything you want.

Here are 9 reasons hating your body will keep you stuck in, and how to break the negative cycle:

1. People often say they want to be healthy or thin, but deep down — below the surface of awareness — what most people really want is to be right. You always get to be right about yourself because your beliefs will influence your actions in a way that ensures the outcome you expect. When you hate your body, you’ll keep creating a body you can’t love because you believe the self-hate to be true.

2. When you hate your body, you are likely to believe that it deserves to be punished which leaves you more likely to go on crash diets that eventually crash your metabolism and lead to rebound weight gain.

3. When you hate your body, you are more likely to exercise in ways you don’t enjoy rather than move for pleasure. Getting on the treadmill because you hate your thighs is rarely effective for transforming your figure because the misery of being there will elevate your stress hormones, which blocks fat burning.

4. When you hate your body, you are more likely to binge, justifying that it doesn’t matter anyway.

5. When you hate your body, you are more likely to check out of it, going numb through unconscious eating, drinking, sex or spending money beyond your means.

6. When you hate your body, you are more likely to gossip about others, distancing you from authentic connection and leaving you feeling lonely, if not alone. This leaves you looking for ways to fill the void … ice cream, anyone?

7. When you hate your body, you are more likely to judge others harshly. This creates further separation between you and others, and energetically pushes you away from the success you desire.

8. When you hate your body, you see it as an object to be manipulated instead of a part of you to be loved and accepted. This opens the door to seeing yourself as an object to be manipulated instead of loved and accepted.

9. When you hate your body, you tend to hide it under frumpy clothes that don’t flatter your natural beauty. The frumpiness reinforces itself, locking you into that self-perception.

*With Skinny Life, we will teach you the mental tools you need to change your self-sabotaging thinking. We will help you every step of the way as you become mentally, physically, and spiritually fit. Contact us to learn more.


Original Article: Found Here by By Dawn M. Dalili

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