Physician Formulated Supplements

The Skinny Life nutritional supplement system supports your most robust metabolism and fat burning power, around the clock. These carefully formulated supplements will become an important part of the Skinny Life 24 Hour Body Slim System.
A.M. Max Metabolism
  • Garcinia Cambogia scientifically shown helpful in appetite suppression and overall great weight loss supplement
  • Raspberry Ketones scientifically demonstrated metabolism booster
  • White Mulberry showing glucose lowering effects in clinical trials-plus decreased weight and fat burning with other key herbs
  • Green Coffee Bean extract showing strong weight loss effect in trials
  • Green Tea Extract in clinical studies shows it boosts metabolism and lowers fat- Carefully formulated by a Physician to help achieve maximum metabolism and help your body burn fat. MADE in USA
P.M. Colon Detox
  • Special combination and blend of herbal cleansers that help you feel less bloated, increase weight loss and also promotes regular bowel movements
  • Helps stimulate safe elimination of waste and provide intestinal detoxification with Acidophilus to fight infection, yeast growth and improve immunity
  • Cascara Sagrada “Sacred Bark” used by Native Americans to alleviate constipation and as healthy intestinal supplement for good intestinal tone
  • Psyllium Husk fiber to improve movement of waste through intestinal tract. Coconut Oil Powder soothes intestines and may help nutrient absorption
  • Magnesium Citrate for safe, proven healthy elimination.
  • Senna Leaves for all natural constipation relief-FDA approved as non-prescription laxative MADE in USA
P.M. Max Metabolism

Formulated around scientific evidence that good sleep is critical to maintaining healthy weight.

  • 1400 mg Garcinia Cambogia (with 60% HCA) for powerful metabolic support even while you sleep
  • Our specially physician formulated blend of Amino Acids, 5-HTP and L-Theanine, plus Melatonin help promote more restful sleep so that your body’s natural metabolic function is enhanced and can naturally burn fat more easily.
  • Along with our Skinny Life Total Living program Skinny Life provides your body with a maximum metabolism and fat burning system to give you the best weight loss support. MADE in USA
Give yourself ‘round- the-clock support with all three of our Skinny Life Max Metabolism Formulas

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