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Trying to Lose Weight Before Summer? Try These Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight can be one of the most difficult challenges you encounter in your life because it’s both mentally and physically challenging.

Science shows that when your body begins to lose a large amount of weight, that your body actually fights to keep the weight on. Don’t let that discourage you though. It is possible to lose weight and keep it off long term or permanently . . . you just need to know how!

Here are 6 tips to help you keep that stubborn weight off:

  • Stop focusing on calories-focus on quality. A 120 calorie donut will cause insulin to spike to handle to rush of too much sugar in the body at once. Insulin is a hormone that causes your body to store fat. 120 calorie chicken breast has almost no glycemic impact meaning no sugar/insulin spike. It’s made of high quality highly absorbable amino acids which will absorb slowly and steadily into your body, keeping you satiated and building more lean muscle. Lean muscle in turn keeps you more fit. You burn more calories per pound of muscle than you do per pound of fat.

  • Avoid soda and sugary drinks completely. You don’t need them for hydration. They’re simply empty calories leading to more tummy fat. Flavored sparkling water with stevia drops is a great substitute.

  • Have fun discovering wholesome, delicious, healthy foods and recipes. Nutrient dense foods will satisfy your hunger and truly feed your cells. Fresh vegetables and plant based foods can be prepared hundreds of delicious healthy ways. Clean lean meats and fish can be broiled, poached, and simmered with healthy salsas or oils to truly satisfy your hunger and feed your cells.  Mix fresh crunchy veggies with a handful of nuts for a long lasting low sugar snack that stays with you for hours. When you allow yourself to get too hungry, it erodes your willpower and you will find yourself eating foods that aren’t good for you, that aid in weight gain, sabotaging the best version of you!

  • Commit to making lifelong changes! See yourself becoming a different person for the long term. Imaging each day that you’re not trying to lose weight—but that you’ve become a person who lives a consciously fit, slim, healthy life. Mindset change is the first step to successfully making permanent changes in your health and fitness!

  • Analyze your goal weight: Were you a size 2 in high school and 20 years later you’re trying to get back to that size? Be reasonable and honest with yourself. Make it your goal to achieve better health and a healthy weight – not an unrealistic ideal weight that you may never reach, leaving yourself feeling frustrated and defeated.

  • Keep your weight loss simple: Make small, easy to manage changes and if you don’t want to go to the gym for 3 hours a day . . . don’t! Do things that will fit into your everyday routine. Increase your walking steps by taking the stairs, take brisk walks during your lunch breaks, and find ways to move your body throughout the day that increase your metabolism and fat burning all day long.

Try some of these simple, easy, tips to lose weight. Do you have some fun tips you would like to share? Head on over to Facebook and share your weight loss secrets and tips with us!

Have a great Skinny Life day!


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