Simple Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy & Fit Healthy Habits for a Naturally Healthy YOU!

Want to Live to 100?

You don’t need to live in a bubble and live on tofu and carrots to live to 100.

You do need to live a lifetime of healthy habits though.

Here are a few tips to help you reach that glorious 100. . .

  • Have connections you communicate with daily! Loneliness is one of the major causes of depression so don’t allow yourself to become isolated. Socialize for happiness!
  • Live a life of healthy habits: Drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, laugh, eat as healthy as possible, and find ways to LIVE.
  • Don’t cause yourself stress. Learn to breathe, let go, and forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Learn how to forgive others and let go the mistakes in their past. This will add years to your life.
  • MOVE your body, daily. Find fun ways to move and stay active. Retirees who have kept MOVING take less medications (on average), have fewer aches and pains, and add years to their lives.
  • Volunteer and do something selfless for others. The giver is most often the receiver too.

Do you know anyone who has lived to 100?

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