Eating Eggs and Weightloss Want to lose weight? It begins in your mind.

Want to Lose Weight? Change Your Thinking.

Our mindset is a very powerful tool and has a tremendous impact on our physical health and well being. You probably are already aware that what we think and what we say about ourselves becomes our reality. So it is fair to say that our mindset can make a monumental impact on your health and wellness.

Do you ever get nervous in stressful situations? Do you ever stop to think about how your body is reacting to your stress / nerves? Does your heart begin to race, stomach tighten, or find yourself spending more time in the ladies room? Your mind has the same power over your body when it comes to your weight. If you are telling yourself negative thoughts, the body will react accordingly.

So remember; your attitude about your health and weight can determine how much you way. Sounds silly, but that is the power of your thinking and mindset. People with a positive and healthier mindest are healthier than those who criticize themselves or set up unrealistic expectations.

If you want to lose weight, permanently, change your thinking.

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