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Welcome to the New World of Weight Loss

I want to extend a warm welcome to my new Skinny Life team members! I’m so excited about the people who are pouring in to be part of the Skinny Life advisory team.   This is so important to me because it’s one of the things that has made my work so successful and gotten my clients lasting results.  Really hearing people’s needs allows me to respond to them with the right products and support.  Discovering where someone really is with an issue is my starting place.

I’ve been building this program based on that philosophy for the past year.  Now I’m reaching out to expand it so that more people can start to benefit.

The goal of Skinny Life is to get you back in alignment with your greatest potential to be able to easily live a life of excellent health and fitness, naturally.  It’s not a program of pain, deprivation, and suffering.  It’s a program that helps you create a life that feels good to you…. a life where you find absolute joy in honoring and supporting the best slim, fit version of you.

I want to know where you’re at with your weight loss journey and how the things we’re talking about relate to you.  As I send you different components of the Skinny Life Starter set to listen to or to view, I’d like to know specifically, the parts that touch a sore spot, cause you to reflect, or trigger a new realization.

My years of work in transformational coaching have shown me that all problems come from the same source and all solutions can be found in the same place.  Your mental default systems and patterns, and the emotional feedback that comes from them, create the foundation that your self-image, beliefs, and habits are built on.

What sets Skinny Life apart, is that it’s not a fast-fix gimmick that would very quickly fail you.  It is a program designed for true, lasting transformation in the way you look, feel, and act.

The women who have just gone through the starter program, instantly started seeing themselves, their behaviors, and their lives begin to change.

Stay tuned as we start to make different parts of the Skinny Life program available to you.

I’m so happy to have you on the Skinny Life Team!



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