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Why Happiness is Important to Your Health

When we think of ways to improve our health, we think of eating healthier foods, moving our bodies and exercising more, getting enough more sleep, drinking enough water, etc. Often times, the thing that is most often overlooked when it comes to our overall health is our mindset and happiness. A healthy, happy, positive mindset is just as important to our well-being as a healthy body.  The level of happiness and the way we feel mentally and emotionally has a huge impact on our physical health. 

Daily healthy eating and stress relieving workouts can certainly make a person feel happier and less. But it’s important we recognize that a daily practice of positive mindset habits are just as critical to our overall health and well-being.

It’s easy to say we need to focus on the positive and overcome negative thoughts when they appear.  For some of us that can be challenging.

Having good days and bad days is normal and natural. However, for those people who feel unhappy more often than not, or for those people who tend to have more of a negative mindset, here are a few powerful tips to get and stay happy.

1. Smile!

Have you ever heard the expression: “Let your smile be your umbrella?” Make a point of smiling more – at people you love, coworkers, and strangers as they pass you by. Even if you aren’t feeling happy, studies show that just intentionally smiling can put you in a better mood.

2. Notice the Good

It’s a natural human tendency to look for what’s wrong. Our primitive brains were wired for survival. If we detect what’s wrong early (dust cloud in the sky, a snake hiding in the grass) we increased our chances of surviving. We need to make a deliberate effort to work opposite of our primal programming, and really notice the good. Breeze blowing, birds singing, a smile from your kid or spouse, the fact that you can wake up and make choices!  When you really start noticing the good in your life most likely far outweighs the challenges!

3. Gratitude

What are you most grateful for? Gratitude raises our energetic vibration and puts us in a better frame of mind. Whenever you feel down, practice thankfulness. If you’re going through a difficult time, a regular prayer of appreciating for lessons learned and wisdom gained is tremendously healing and empowering. Focus on appreciation and you will begin to feel your mindset shift and feel tremendously uplifted.

4. Service

There is a saying that goes, “When you get nervous, focus on service.” There is a powerful shift that happens when we focus our energy on how we can serve. Whether it’s serving those less fortunate or engaging in an important cause, like helping teachers get funding, helping in a cause bigger than ourselves is emotionally and psychologically healing. When we help others and lift them up, it often brings more joy and contentment to our hearts than being consumed with ourselves and our own problems. The next time you are feeling down, do something nice for someone; even a stranger – this is a great way to feel happier. Giving is truly the greatest gift!

So get out into the world, smile more, make a difference in someone else’s life and remember everything you’re grateful for!  You deserve happiness!


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